SEAS Program (Formerly RVA)

Our Vision


Our vision in the SEAS Program is to provide our students positive feedback within a safe learning environment. We instill life lessons by embedding behavioral strategies in the curriculum that will teach our students how to “play the game.”




Who We Are

The Social Emotional Academic Support (SEAS) Program is an educational facility providing services to students with a primary disability of Emotional Disturbance (ED). We offer programs for K–12 students and Transitional Services for young adults aged 18–22 years. Our student population of 100+ students benefit from learning in the least restrictive environment (LRE) as they develop the skills required to integrate into mainstream settings.


Who We Help

Public school districts refer students whose immediate needs are not adequately met in the traditional classroom and/or whose current behaviors or skill levels are impeding progress in the traditional classroom due to emotional disabilities.


What We Do

We provide an educational program with therapeutic support that effectively enables students diagnosed with emotional disturbance (social/emotional difficulties) to succeed academically and function appropriately in the school environment. 

We help students prepare to become independent, lifelong learners. Our primary goal is to successfully transition students back into their least restrictive environment.


Our Goals

  • Support students in their academic progression

  • Help students to develop strong bonds with staff members and attain and sustain appropriate interpersonal relationships with peers and adults

  • Facilitate access and participation in general education classes, as appropriate

  • Model and teach social skills and coach students in developing anger management strategies

  • Encourage participation in differentiated instructional practices to reduce anxiety

  • Help students learn to access, reflect, accept, and appropriately express feelings

  • Build on individual and group problem solving and coping skills

  • Strengthen each student’s inner capacity and build resources for becoming a productive, independent adult

  • Determine vocational skills and interests and post-secondary goals

  • Achieve age-appropriate independent living skills

  • Instill CHAMPs, our method to help control antecedents, behaviors, and consequences to reduce problem behaviors